Mediterranean Diet Bundle

Terra’s Kitchen meals are based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and we’ve made it even easier to enjoy this heart-healthy lifestyle. Take the guesswork out of eating the Mediterranean way and enjoy three meals and two snacks packed with antioxidants, heart-healthy fats and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Each meal and the Hummus + Multi-Grain Pita and Veggie snack serves 2 and the Caprese salad is one serving.

1707 Bundle

Serves: 2 Servings | Time to Table: 30 Minutes | Calories: 254 - 620 | Allergens: Contains Milk (Mozzarella - Caprese Salad), Wheat (Multi-Grain Pita) |

Mediterranean Diet Bundle includes:

  • Vegan Power Bowl
  • Skillet Lemon Garlic Chicken
  • Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Arugula Potato Salad
  • Hummus + Multi-Grain Pita and Veggies
  • Caprese Salad