How It Works

Our reusable, climate-controlled vessel with built-in insulation keeps ingredients fresh and is upcycled up to 100 times.

Interior drawers, reusable ice blocks, and individually sealed containers ensure quality and prevent damage during transport.

Have ingredients to your door 2-5 days faster than the grocery store. Our insulation technology keeps your order cool until the end of the day.

Beautiful recipe cards guide you step by step. Not sure what to pair with your meal? Our partner, @grapefriend, brings you wine and beer pairings!

How Does TK Compare?

Healthy Food Delivery Service

Your Perfect Order, Every Time

Perfect Order Every Time
  • Everything on our menu follows the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Ready-to-eat salads, snacks, smoothies and more
  • Family meals, Paleo, gluten-free, low-calorie, vegetarian + vegan options
  • Meals are always ready in 15-30 minutes

Fresh, Pre-Chopped Ingredients

Fresh, Pre-chopped ingredients
  • Save time + avoid waste with washed, peeled, and chopped ingredients
  • Proteins are non-GMO + hormone + antibiotic-free, + seafood is sustainably sourced. Ingredients are organic when possible*
  • From our farmers to you 3x faster than the grocery store

Next Generation Delivery

Next Generation Delivery
  • Delivery in our specially engineered vessel that’s returned and reused up to 100x
  • Climate-controlled delivery to ensure food safety and quality
  • Skip the store for weekly delivery to your door

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Manage orders and deliveries on the go with our iOS and Android apps.

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*Your first weekly delivery is always free. After that, orders of $100 or more qualify for ongoing free delivery. Delivery is only $6.99 for orders under $100.