In order to process and fulfill your order, an account will need to be created during checkout. Now you can explore our menu and add items to your vessel before checking out and creating an account. Please refer to our Privacy policy and terms and conditions for more information about how information is stored and used. Questions about how your information is stored and used? Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Each recipe has a section called "What you'll need". These items include common household items like salt & pepper and olive oil. You can view these ahead of time by going on the "Our Menu" section of our website and clicking on the individual recipe. You will see this section located at the bottom of the page next to the list of ingredients.

New Customers

  1. Click Get Started
  2. Enter your zip code and email address
  3. Select your preferred plan and follow the steps to pick your first delivery date and customize your delivery. (Selecting a plan does not lock you into selections; you can customize your first and every subsequent order. This info helps us recommend meal options to get you started.)

Returning Customers with a TK Account

  1. Login to your account
  2. You will be taken the your Manage Deliveries dashboard. You’ll be able to fully customize your delivery as long as it meets the $72 minimum.
  3. Monitor your vessel fullness. As your vessel becomes full, we will only reveal the recipes that will fit in the remaining space. If your vessel is full and you would like to add more items, you’ll need to remove item(s) first.
  4. Customize your orders up to 5 weeks in advance by clicking on the week in the calendar and adding items to your delivery. Please keep in mind that your order must be customized prior to the the weekly alert email that will be sent to you.

Login in to your account and select the weeks you would like to skip via the calendar. There is a checkbox at the side of the calendar. When you click this, an X appears on the calendar and the site page indicates that you have skipped a week. You may skip up to 4 weeks in advance of the current week. If you decide to un-skip, simply click on the week again and select un-skip delivery. Please keep in mind that you must skip a delivery prior to the weekly alert email; to avoid your pre-loaded vessel from being processed.

Promo codes can be entered on the sign-up page in the Billing Information section and will be applied to your order when you complete the sign-up process.

Our high quality proteins are carefully sourced. Some of our proteins are Animal Welfare rated, which encourages animal welfare friendly farming practices and better informs consumers about the animal farming systems they choose to support. Here are some additional facts:

  1. Our All-Natural Chicken: No hormones or antibiotics and responsibly hand-raised on family farms and processed to ensure quality, integrity and food safety.
  2. Our Beef: No steroids, added hormones, antibiotic or pesticides. The beef is hand-trimmed, perfectly portioned and individually vacuum-packed for freshness at a state-of-the-art, USDA-certified processing facility.
  3. Our Produce: Our innovative line of fresh products are developed with the finest ingredients. Quality, freshness, and great taste are carefully managed through production and “Just-in-Time” delivery to customers. Our fresh fruits and vegetables are grower sourced to meet our specification and high quality standards that deliver a consistently superior product to consumers.

Login to your account, click account settings and then click on the Ambassador tab. When you invite people, you'll have a $40 credit to share with them, which is valid towards their first order. You can invite people to join via email, sharing on social media or you can copy your invite link to share anywhere you'd like.

After you invite people to Terra's Kitchen, you'll be able to track their progress and see how much credit you've earned. You'll earn $25 for their first order, $15 for their second order and $15 for their third order.

By encouraging them to keep ordering you can earn up to $55 in Terra's Kitchen credit for each referral! Your credits will be applied once each order is processed and shipped, not upon initial subscription sign up.

You sure can. Select “Gift Cards” from the main menu options and enter the requested information before adding the card to your shopping cart.

Terra’s Kitchen delivers all the fresh ingredients, freshly prepped for you to make delicious meals in exactly the right proportions. We offer a flexible subscription, with no long-term commitment so you can prepare delicious, inventive meals at home. We do the menu planning and shopping, cutting and preparation, as well as deliver recipes right to your door with all the fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients you need to cook them. All you have to do is cook and enjoy!

Our subscription is flexible and you may customize, skip a delivery or cancel your subscription within the "My Account" dashboard.

When you sign up, you select the plan that is right for you and we give you the opportunity to customize your meal selections in the "My Account" dashboard. You may also add Grab + Go items to your weekly delivery. The cart will indicate if you still have room in your vessel and also when it is full.

Your subscription is weekly and each week we preload meals for the next weekly shipment into your account based on the plan size and meal preferences. At that time, you receive a reminder email. You can do nothing and the meals we selected will be shipped to you or you will have two days to login to your account if you would like to swap out meals or add Grab + Go items to your weekly shipment. You also have the option to login and skip your shipment for that week if you prefer.

If you login to the dashboard prior to the time that meals are preloaded, you may still customize your meal selections by clicking "Add Items" and adding meals and Grab + Go items to your delivery.

Your dashboard will always display information about your current delivery and your upcoming delivery under the "My Subscriptions" tab. You may skip or customize your delivery week to week and we will always send an email reminder of your upcoming delivery so you have plenty of time to make changes.

You may view information about past deliveries and access pdf copies of recipe cards under the "Past Deliveries" tab within "My Account"

We offer a variety of products, including Grab + Go items and 2- to 4-serving meal kits. Our Grab + Go items start at $1.99 and meal kits start at $9.99.

Your first weekly delivery is always free. After that, orders of $100 or more qualify for ongoing free delivery. Delivery is only $6.99 for orders under $100.

Feel free to email our Customer Care department at customercare@tk.co or give us a call at 844-485-FOOD (3663).

The vessel and cold sources are returned to us and the plastic food containers inside the vessel can be recycled. And we strongly encourage it!

Your order is delivered by either UPS or FedEx in a reusable, eco-friendly vessel. After you have removed the contents of your vessel and placed it outside, your carrier will pick-up your vessel and return it us.

Please enter the zip code of your physical address to find out. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver to PO boxes. Please contact Customer Care if you are having trouble with checking your zip code’s status.

During the sign-up process, you will be presented with available delivery options based on the zip code you to start the sign-up process.

Additionally, after logging in to your account, select the “My Subscription” tab. You may choose to schedule additional deliveries using the calendar, which will present available delivery days in your area. Select the date to start a custom order outside of your recurring weekly plan delivery

On your scheduled delivery day, you should expect to receive your delivery between 8 AM and 9 PM.

If you are not at home when your delivery arrives, the carrier will generally leave the package for you at your door. The vessel is designed to remain cold and fresh for several hours beyond the delivery time under most conditions.

No, a signature is not required. If you are not at home when your delivery arrives, the carrier will generally leave the vessel at your door. The vessel is designed to remain cold and fresh for several hours beyond the delivery time under most conditions.

With our automated, no-hassle return service, your vessel is picked up on the next business day. First, unpack your vessel and move your ingredients to the fridge. Check your shipping label to see if your vessel was delivered by FedEx or UPS.

If FedEx delivered your vessel:

  • Peel the shipping label off to reveal the return shipping label.
  • Place your vessel back where it was delivered for pickup.

If UPS delivered your vessel:

  • Simply place your vessel back where it was delivered for pickup.
  • There’s no need to peel the label; the shipping label is also the return label.

We ask that you place the vessel in the same location where it was delivered. That makes it easier for your carrier to pick it back up. For more information about returning the vessel, see our vessel instructions.

We ship using climate-controlled delivery to keep all of your ingredients fresh. When your vessel arrives, you'll note a Best Use date on each item. It's not an expiration date; it's a guideline to help you decide which meals to make first. We do advise that you cook fish, seafood and poultry meals first to maintain optimal flavor.

After logging in to your account, select the “Email & Password” tab.

After logging in to your account, select the “Address” tab. Then select “edit” under “Billing Address”.

After logging in to your account, select the “Address” tab. Then select “edit” under “Shipping Address”. Currently, you are only able to update your Street Address information through the website. Please contact Customer Care (customercare@tk.co) to update other information, including City, State, and Zip Code.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions about changes to orders and order cutoff times.

If you need a break from deliveries, you can pause your subscription without closing your account. To pause your subscription, log in to you account, hover your mouse over the user icon in the top right and select 'Account Settings.' At the top right under the 'Subscription Settings' section, click on 'Manage Your Delivery Frequency' shown in green text, then select the middle option 'Pause Subscription.'

Pausing your subscription will only cancel future deliveries that haven’t processed. Orders that have already processed cannot be cancelled and will be delivered as scheduled.

After you pause your subscription, we'll stay in touch via email to tell you what's new on our menu, but you won't need to log in to skip weeks. When you're ready to unpause and resume deliveries, log in to your account and click 'Resume Account.'

If you'd like to cancel your Terra's Kitchen subscription and close your account, we're sorry to see you go!. To cancel, log in to you account, hover your mouse over the user icon in the top right and select 'Account Settings.' At the top right under the 'Subscription Settings' section, click on 'Manage Your Delivery Frequency' shown in green text, then select the third option 'Cancel Subscription.'

Next, select a reason to let us know why you are canceling your subscription. You'll also have an opportunity to provide feedback if you wish. After submitting your reason, you will receive a confirmation that your account has been cancelled.

Cancelling your subscription will only cancel future deliveries that haven’t processed. Orders that have already processed cannot be cancelled and will be delivered as scheduled. You can re-activate your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking 'Reactivate Account.'

All of our meals and Products are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with a meal, an ingredient, or a product for any reason, please contact us at customercare@tk.co or 844-485-FOOD (3663) within (7) business days after delivery. We will issue a credit voucher or refund for that meal, ingredient, or product, if applicable. Refunds are issued back to the original method of payment minus any delivery fees. We may require the return or photographic documentation of the meal, ingredient, or Product with which you are dissatisfied before providing any refund or credit voucher.

Return policy for Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein

Unopened, undamaged containers of Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein may be returned. Customers should contact customercare@tk.co to obtain a return label. A $15 re-stocking fee will be incurred and a refund will be issued within 72 hours of receipt of returned product. The customer will be notified via email when the refund, less the restocking fee is processed.

After adding it to your order, there will be (-) and (+) buttons next to it. Click (+) to add additional quantities or (-) to remove.

Under Account Settings, choose Account Information and toggle under Delivery Days.

Yes, you can modify week by week. The delivery day that you choose will apply to all upcoming deliveries unless you modify it.

Depending on your location, availability of delivery days will vary.

Sunday and Monday delivery are not currently available with our carriers.

Currently, our system only allows you to order once per week.

Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein is for everyone who seeks a healthier lifestyle.

Yes, Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein is gluten-free.

Yes, Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein has whey protein and whey protein isolates, which are a form of dairy.

The lipids are a proprietary blends of Mediterranean fat sources such as olive, avocado and grape seed oil. The dietary fibers are proprietary soluble and insoluble fibers.

Yes, Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein is perfect to blend with our healthy smoothie kits.

Terra’s Kitchen nutrient-rich protein uses the best whey protein, whey protein isolates and soy proteins.

First, pull each drawer all the way out to ensure your missing item isn't still in your vessel. Smaller ingredients occasionally get stuck in the vessel or may be hidden behind one of the ice packs. If you are still missing an ingredient after double checking your vessel, please contact customercare@tk.co so we can help resolve this issue.

You can access recipe cards via the Terra’s Kitchen website. Click on the “Our Menu” tab on the website main menu and click on the recipe you need. You will see full recipe card information in a webpage and may also click on the pdf icon on the right side of the screen to print or download the recipe to your computer.

Please contact our customer support team and we will issue you a partial refund or credit for that item.

Contact our Customer Care department at customercare@tk.co or give us a call at 844-485-FOOD (3663).

Because we take the next step to prep your ingredients, we also take an extra step to care for them. When ingredients are cut, the FDA requires that they be sealed in individually packaged containers. Our containers prevent cross-contamination and if you suffer from food allergies, you don't have to worry about one ingredient coming in contact with another.

We are working to reduce the amount of containers for our un-cut ingredients and recently started shipping lemons and limes without containers.

Yes! Our containers are made from the most commonly used plastic and can be recycled. (If you don't have recycling available, you can return them in the vessel.) Our containers are BPA free, as well. We encourage you to think about upcycling, too! Use the containers for leftovers, to plant seeds, organize drawers, and more.

When our vessels are retired, they're recycled! The green drawers inside and the corrugated material outside are all broken down and recycled.