Why Work At TK

Terra’s Kitchen started with one goal in mind: to get family and friends back to the dinner table. Every day, each team member -- from customer care to marketing to operations to finance and more -- collaborate to create the ultimate customer experience. While we’re at it, we’re usually shuffling between playlists like Hipster BBQ and anything 90s-related and high-fiving over successes (or just on the way out the door).

Ed Reed

Love making someone smile with a helpful email? Can’t stop thinking about how to provide the best website user experience? Have a passion to feed others as you’d feed yourself and be a part of an industry that’s taking on the online grocery game? We want to hear from you.

TK Team

Perks Include

  • Awesome Location
    We’re in the heart of Canton, one of Baltimore’s best waterfront neighborhoods
  • Casual Attire
    Jeans and tees? Shorts and flip flops? Your call.
  • Monthly Terra’s Kitchen Credit
    We ask you to talk the talk, so we’ll help you walk the walk.
  • Office Dog
    Don’t be surprised if she begs for your lunch.
  • Standing Desks
    If you want to burn a few extra calories throughout the day, we have you covered.
  • Flexible PTO
    You do the work and we’ll trust you to take time as you need.
  • Health Insurance
    Don’t bring those germs to the office!
  • Dental Insurance
    Keep your pearly whites bright.
  • Vision Insurance
    The eyes have it.