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Terra's Kitchen is winning by a long shot in our quest to find the perfect meal delivery system/company. Easy, quick, pre-prepped, clean, low carb, and fresh!!
We LOVED our first Terra's Kitchen delivery. The meals were fresh and easy to prepare. Two thumbs up :)
Easy recipes that are healthy. Great for busy families who still want to sit down to a home cooked meal together. I like that there is no packaging waste and that the vessel will be reused multiple times. My kids like having a say in what we pick each week and I think that has encouraged them to be more adventurous. I like knowing exactly how much each meal is going to cost rather than getting to the register and wondering where all the money went.
Food was delicious and instructions are easy
Great delivery system, convenient website, healthy recipes as compared to other meal delivery systems.
Great food, easy prep, convenient.
Good pricing, very well packaged and recyclable, great variety of healthy gluten free recipes, and good quality ingredients.
Great value, fantastic recipes, much less prep than other services, love the sourcing of ingredients
The food was easy to prepare and tasted good too. The meat was very tender.
Healthy AND delicious!
Food is good and good quality, I especially like re-useable shipping vessel.
These meals take about 10-15 min to put together because everything comes pre-chopped and prepped. And they have waaaaay more choices!
It really does only take 30 or so minutes (or less) to make dinner this way. Prices are reasonable since there is little waste and prep, plus the convenience. I feel like I am learning to cook as well.
I loved everything. I ordered a couple of extra things, like 2 salads and 1 carrots and celery. Plus the 3 meals. It was plenty of food for the 3 nights plus gave my husband and I a boost for lunches as well. The food was DELICIOUS! It was easy to prepare and crave-able. I really want to make the Talum tacos again right now. The sauce for the Terrachilads will become a family staple, because it tastes great on EVERYTHING.
Food quality is excellent. Recipes are delicious and healthy
Great food and easy to prepare
Yummy meals, made with fresh ingredients, fast!! What's not to love!
I've already passed your name along to several friends!
Food really does take under 30 minute to make and tastes great. Less packaging waste compared to similar companies.
Very convenient, great selections, great taste.
Meals were flavorful and different than what I would make on a weeknight. The fact that much of it is prepped allows my kids to help with weeknight dinners without slowing us down as we move to the next activity on our list.
Prep is quick and really only takes 30 minutes. The food is amazing and I would never pair the items together without the recipe from TK. It is super yummy!!!

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